What is Cohabitating

Here at FlashLove you've been reading a whole bunch of different articles on the subjects of love, dating, friendship and pretty much everything else in between. We haven't hid who we are. We're not some real estate site talking about whether or not you and your best friend should start dating by convincing you to move into a Toronto condo. We're here to help you figure out certain aspects of your life when it comes to the subject of love. This current article you're reading will be focusing on the topic of cohabitation. A lot of couples who live together or plan on living together don't actually know what cohabitation is. Which is why we're here. So, saddle up next to your special friend in your oceanfront cottage rentals in PEI and find out what cohabitation is all about. You might find out that you already are cohabitating and if not, it just might be the right choice for the two of you.

So, what is cohabitating? Most standard definitions of the word cohabitation state that cohabitation is an arrangement in which two people decide to live together. That's the basic core of cohabitation. However, there is more to cohabitation. While living together is the first step, it's also an agreement to live together on a permanent basis. It can't be short term. Like you decide to stay at your boyfriend's apartment for a week while your Punta Mita condo rental unit is being renovated or something like that. That's just an extended version of spending the night. No, to be a couple that is cohabitating, means you have to be together for the long haul. Basically moving in together. Also, cohabitation doesn't extend itself to friends or roommates who live together. The couple that lives together, in order to be considered cohabitating, must have some sort of emotional, sexual or intimate relationship.

What that basically means is a couple who is together but not married. Sometimes also referred to as common-law relationships. Now that you know what cohabitation means, is it something for you to consider? Or are you, without even realizing it, already cohabitating? Sometimes it can sneak up on people. You're with your long term boyfriend or girlfriend and you decide what's the point in paying two different rents when you can just live together? It is a serious step in a relationship but one that can prepare you for other life altering events that might happen in the future. You're not looking at homes for sale in Vaughan yet but it does prepare you for such a thing.

It's up to the two of you to decide if you should be living together on a permanent basis. While factors such as money come into play, it's more about how committed you are to each other. Saving money by cutting out Etobicoke taxi fares back and forth shouldn't be the sole reason you decide to cohabitate. You should do it because you love each other and feel that moving in together, on a permanent basis, is the next logical step in the relationship. Now that you know what cohabitating is, talk it over with each other and see whether or not it's right for the two of you.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016